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CURRENTLY CLOSED: Baker’s Wakery is a wake-up bakery specializing in baked instead of fried gourmet donuts for breakfast. Our mission is to provide a quick, tasty, and more nutritious breakfast option that also educates our community on food labels and ingredient transparency. We are proud to list 100% of our ingredients on the label and show the number one ingredient is a fruit or veggie in most of our flavors. Completely different than your normal donut, we use wholesome ingredient substitutions to maximize the nutrient density such as heart healthy olive oil for butter. With delicious allergy conscious flavors there is a choice for everyone in our community to enjoy. Round out your breakfast experience with a delicious hot coffee and feel great about this new start to your day.

Carol Baker


U of A Graduate in Hospitality and Restaurant Mgmt. Childhood Dream to open a bakery. 

Linda Baker


U of A Graduate in Dietetics. Loves to educate people about what's in their food. Making dreams come true

Rosie and Rex

Dog Treat Quality Control

Foodies who appreciate the finer things in life, if these pups like it, then you know it's good!

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